23 Jul 2017

what time you, 'combing over'?


Image result for the comb over cartoon Perry Comb-over

"What time you, combing over?" ; A rhetorical question, used against one who has the audacity to make a negative comment about someone elses hair/style when they themselves have serious physical flaws, especially a very obnoxious, receeding, thin haired, comb-over artist with a rather large protruding santa belly to boot


 comb-over; hair that is combed over a bald spot in an attempt to cover it.





Example use


The great all knowing and powerful, but extremely jealous older brother with serious comb over issues, says to his brother 

  "Hey knucklehead, your shaved head hairstyle is way off, i think you need to do this and that with it etc.....

The modest brother who takes care of mom responds with..

"Ahh OK, Thanks for that brother, huh by the way, 'what time you 'combing over', Perry Comb-over?

The great all knowing, powerful, but extremely jealous brother with serious comb over issues, doesn't say a word

End of Story, game comb-over!!!








Word came from

What time are you coming over + comb-over(very uncool hair style)

Image result for the comb over cartoon