19 Jul 2017

sharin stoned


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sharin stoned v;  "sharin" weed and getting high with your bowl mate

sharin stoned n; a 'gesamt kunst werk' OF 'sharin' stories, sharin funny things, to the sharin of more serious, life strife, shocking stuff, while, stoned

sharin stoned v; sharin a doob with a nice, 'PEACE of ARST'(A Radical Story Teller), 'werked' up

sharin stoned;  sharin a, 'pow-pow sesh' with a friend in silence, while just watchin the wheels go round and round, and really loving to watch them roll, no longer riding on a merry go-round so you're without a ho, but youre happily sharin herbal 'endol' with a friend, and never ever diggin the blow


gesamt kunst werk; a 'complete piece of Art work', 'Universal Artworks', 'synthesis of the Arts' all embracing art form is a work of art that makes use of all or many art forms or strives to do so, eg elements of music, drama, spectacle, dance, comedy, mala-propisms-spoonerisms, anagrams, linguistics, spantrosing and web-stiring , to the language a dolphin uses in order to communicate, sing, pray and love


Mr 'Hairin'; aka, 'HR puff n stuff'; Sharin's, pow-wow partner

Miss Sharin; HR Puff n Stuffs pow-wow partner

sharin; eye dialect of 'sharing' as in 'sharing times a happy time' or 'share and share..... I like"...


sharin; wheel





Example use

sharinImage result for sharon stone open leg scene basic instinct cartoonImage result for sharon stone open leg scene basic instinct cartoon Hairin

Hey Hairin!! R u stoned??

Ya Sharin, and yes, im also starin???

Why you starin Hairin??

Ya, cause u be sexy Sharin and your thingy has 'showned'!!

Oh ya!!?? So I guess that would make us famous then!!!

Hows that??

Cause we be 'sharin stoned'!!!??

fur enuff~



Word came from

Sharon Stone + sharing + stoned(herbally buzzed)

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Ok guys thanks for sharin, they said this stuff is so good we'll actually be able to see Sharin, but we gotta get really stoned and wish for her really hard guys!! OK??!

"Sharin stoned, sharin stoned!!!??Please conjure up into our power-wow zone! calling Ms Sharon Stone...  !!!!!! ?????

Did  guys wish for her hard like i said??!!

Ya, we did, and were really hard!!!