17 Jul 2017

HP Blowgart


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HP blowgart ; 'figurative/idiom,' to 'blow smoke up ones 'pee' hole'(euphemism for 'blowing smoke up ones arse' which means, 'paying insincere compliments to someone' ) but much more sever because blowing smoke up one's pee hole or urethra could not only cause him or her to have a wide variety of urinary tract infections, it can also cause an air embolism
blowing smoke up ones arse; idiom, for paying insincere compliments

Note blowing smoke up the anus was once a medical practice

 HP; Hole, Pee or 'Pee-Hole'


Example use

Your looking mighty fine today

Dont HP blowgart me! Dont blow smoke up my pee-hole Just because i provide your smoke!!





Word came from

Humphrey + Hole+ Pee+ Bogart+ blow

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