17 Jul 2017

Hermuphy Blowgartist


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Hermuphy Blowgartist n; a female, smoke ring artist



her-MUPHY: A parallel MUlti PHYsics/scale code for high performance bio-fluidic simulations based upon the microscopic, molecular dynamics of a sexy girl blowing hydro-kush smoke rings and a method featuring the translocation of biopolymers through nano-meter sized, multi-pore configurations, taking into the sexplicit account, her hydrodynamic interactions of the translocating molecules with her surrounding saliva, a parralel implementation, sexibiting, a sexellent, sexability platform that includes techniques that may improve sexability and efficiency in other complex multi-physics parralel smoking applications such as hermodynamics, targeted drug deliveries and others..




Example use

Wow baby!! You are a natural blowgartist..... you blowgart that girl!!





Word came from

Humphrey Bogart + her + muff+ blow + artist(muffy, muphy)