17 Jul 2017

Humphrey Blowgart



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Humphrey blowgart; one who blows out smoke instead of inhaling it in usually because one is more interested in showing off blowing their smoke rings 

Note; Bill Clinton was a self proclaimed, Humphrey blowgart, as he professed to never inhaling


Humphrey; peaceful warrior; one who would lead a 'peace' pipe smoking powwow sesh





Example use

Yo, dont blowgart!!! dat sht expensive bra!!

ya but i be an up n coming blowgartist!!!





Word came from

Humphrey Bogart who would just quickly puff out drags of smoke

Bogart; keeper of an orchid, treegarden, or piece of wood

bogart (plural bogarts)

(slang) An obnoxious, selfish and overbearing person; an attention hog.