17 Jul 2017

Hump-free Blowgart


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Hump-free Blowgart;  a no obligation, no questions asked, extremely prolonged, 'bj', out of nowhere, with no strings attached, except for maybe the string in the middle that keeps her from going anywhere further than just a BJ NOB...

hump-free blowgart; a free bj with no obligation to return the favor for the person who gave it to you which means they really like you and or really like giving NOB bj's

NOB; No Obligation

Example use

Thank you for the hump-free blowgart baby!!, go ahead and blowgart to your hearts content

Ok, honey im almost finished bowin up the raft, now you gotta go out n catch me some fish and then u can blowgart me tent up,,,,  


Word came from

Humphrey Bogart + blowjob