05 Jul 2017

Gohn Jielgud


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Gohn Jeilgud  adj, (pronounced, 'gone'  'jeelgud') to be completely 'gone' or wasted, unable to continue with anything; usually because of drinking too much or smoking too much "gan"

gan jeilgud v; to 'toke and go', leaving your friends for the 'ho,ho,ho'; to suddenly up and leave without notice usually because of a rendezvous with the opposite sex

Gohn Jeilgud n; A light weight; one who cant handle their alcohol or pot



gan; gin or to go

Dutch Low Saxon

gan; alternat spelling of 'gaon'; to go


gan; to have sex


gan; audacity, balls, or liver

gan; short for ganja





Example use

Hey man here you go?


Yo bra, dont even bother he be gud and gohn!!! He cant handle the vermouth!!


You got that right, he be "Gohn Jeilgud" indeed......


How bout you?? naaa Im gohn jeilgud too, dat stuff too strong to be wrong...



Word came from

John Geilgud; British actor, known for playing the Butler who took care of a drunk in the film, Arthur

Image result for inebriated from gin cartoon



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