21 Jun 2017



pacer piui-socs n(pronounced as pacer-‘peeyuuee!’socks);  the coolest headed most relaxed confident golfer at a tournament; one who makes it look so easy, like the pro who makes it look like a walk in the park-course, while sipping a cup of jo

 pacer piui-socs n; one who knows a territory more than anyone else; e.g; a club pro, non-competing, marker , who regularly beats the top pros when given the chance to play, ususally called a, ‘golf nerd’ brought in to play with a solo player in order to maintain a reasonable pace for the first tee  

pacer-piui-socks; a club golfer whose brain the top pros want to pick mostly because of their extensive home course knowledge to be played on in an upcoming tournement    

NOTE : When a pacer-piui-socs takes off his shoes, you can tell from the smell hes the one who spends more time on a golf course, especially his home course



 piu more longer


old irish

piu; molad, praise


piu; to move quickly, a brisk pace 

Example use

wow that golf nerd marker seems to be better than the pro hes teeing off with

Ya, hes a pacer-piui-socs!!!

You can tell that guy really plays a lot by the smell of his socks, its hard to beat a club pro in his own back yard club house.... and hes also the brain all other pros want to pick...

Word came from

perspicacious + pacersipcious = pacer-piui-socs

by truble