21 Jun 2017



pacersipcious adj;  ability to control the degree of arousal levels(physical tension and relaxion states) in any game, by way of, visualization, thus never having to push the intensity to a place that will ruin a master pacer’s abilty to recover for the next round or next day; e.g a relaxed confident golfer who makes it look so easy, like a walk in the park while sipping on a cup of jo

pacersipcious; ability to pace oneself both mentally and physically and to see the outcome of a project or game, especially; golf; e.g.,  a tapscorinator, golfer extremely well practiced, utilizes images to adjust and calibrate appropriate tensions at any time or place,

pacersipcious; to be in the middle of a game, e.g on a golf course, able to quickly conjur a visual of sitting and relaxing at a cafe, images of slowly stirring and sipping the coffee, which helps to control the breathing in a game, enhances a fore-sighted intuition, like having an. ‘all seeing, crystal greens ball’ able to see the ball all the way through the forest and trees, as it makes its way safely into its rightful home,  the hole, the way it was envisioned and originally perceived

pacersipcious; ability to perform at the right physiological levels, keeping from going too high or too low; finding an optimal, sweet spot physical tension level which enhaces the optimal pace in a game. E.g the tension for putting requires a more controlled relaxation vs driving the ball

pacersipcious; fine tuning your focus and mind control by way of thinking in pictures or images, able to control the stream of mental activity, concentration which bolsters a higher mental process, decision making and anticipating future events and their outcomes

pacersipcious; the ability to imagine events and experience them as if they were really happening, self regulating your thoughts thus not only reducing errors and improving your overall golf game, but also improving other areas in life as well



Example use

caddy; remember to pace yourself, theres a long way to go?

golfer; ill be as  pacersipcious as i can boss



Word came from

perspicacious;adj; having a ready insight into and understanding of things

by truble