11 Jun 2017



TOBAL-rass;  There Outta Be A Law, against what a guy must do to have a ball; a girl who makes a guy work so hard just to score a‘tobalrass’; is a form of ‘her-rassment’ where the girl calls the shots that can make a man crack, even making the man dread and regret winning the game because of all the Dance and Drama which would make your final tobalrass score a, “Double D-gal”, a Dreadful, Drunk and Desperate, Double Dribble Doomsdate, lucky if youre not Dead by Dawn  

TOBAL; There Outta Be A Law

Rass; Razzle dazzle, Agitate, Sedate, Scale(When a gal uses the Rass method on a date, its just like 'herass'ment, There Outta Be A Law


Bro, you got a tobalrass!!??

Ya but what I had to go through to get it is like being ‘arrassted’worse than being arrested,

The jessica Albatross turned into a Double D-gal; I’d rather be battered and trossed in jail…..


Example use

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Word came from

Albatross; a bird and most difficult golf shot to make

by truble