11 Jun 2017

tobalrass Double Deagle


tobalrass-Double Deagle ; a soul in one, final game winning shot

a guy’s best performance, over all; all in, a day’s ‘gesamt kunstwerk’, a nice piece of, ARST,(A Radical Story Told,) cleverly worked and combined with a careful, rass-scoring, mood balancing, technique, a way of keeping score in order to score, by keeping your score not too low under par where she’s bored into sedate, but score too high against her, may push her into, ‘agitate’  which could tee her off and then youd lose the game and the date, even pushing her rass score-card too hard where shes got you not only spent and bent, she accuses you of assault, yelling he “rassed me, and that’s  herassment’!!

Tobal; Greek; bearing Christ

Rass; Razzle dazzle, Agitate, Sedate, Scale : a date scoring method

deagle; the best bird one can obtain

Latin, Italian, Galician

dea; Goddess, Good


gesamt, as a whole; complete

kunst; art

werk; work


rass; sharp, tangy


rass; buttocks


rass; seed



Example use

Looks like you finally scored a tobalrass Jalbatross!!

Yep, she ended up being my Double Deagle, who could have known!!?!!


Word came from

Albatross/Double Eagle; the most difficult shot to make in golf

by truble