11 Jun 2017



tobalrass n; a game winning shot with just the right amount of razzle dazzle and blessing

a bar golf final winning shot made, more difficult and crucial than any shot in golf or in any sport for that matter which can either be a guys soul in one mate, aka ‘jalbatross Double deagle’or just a hole in one night stand aka a ,“jalbatross Double D-gal”

tobalrass n; a final shot for the win, the most difficult bar golf shot a guy can make;  for a guy to get ‘tobalrass’takes a lot of skills at just the right pace in order to avoid all the potential obstacles and traps along the way  

to score a tobalrass Jalbatross can either bear a blessing(‘Tobal’; Greek, meaning, ‘bearing Christ’) or a curse(like an ‘albatross’ symbolizes either a very lucky, blessed shot or something that can be a curse for the rest of his life) 

But then, He must- Razzle-dazzle her, with "RASS”

RASS; Razzle dazzle, Agitate-Sedate, Scale; a reliable method to assess and handle a date, and a way to keep the mood on a date at just the right level, usually maintaining a par score, ‘0’ which is,  “alert and calm” , located right between a, -5, unarousable and a, +4, combative

If you let her beat you too easily youll bore her to an unarousable sedate but kick her-rass too badly she may chase you out of your own house and bash your face with your 9 iron or hot plate, a combative hate state   

 tobalrass; a combination of final shots that  stir a ‘toff-est’ opponent into a ‘hypnotic, moving up and down, dance trance like motion’, while ever so gentley  putting her into just the right medium; a ‘calm and alert’ mood, with a par score of ‘0’’ (which resides safely between a,‘ +5 unarousable, comotos state , and a, +4 combative,’bashing your face with a nine iron state)which makes you her hero, as you hit a  ‘honey’s’  , “balar”, hot, sweet spot, for the win of which you finally gained, by driving your shaft,   “pacersipciously”, like a smooth, tapscorinater, happy thrillmored, into that 20th  hole you drained


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Word came from

Albatross; the bird and golf shot

by truble