11 Jun 2017

tobalrass Double D-gal


tobalrass- Double D-gal;  the final round, 20th,, hole in one night stand, Jalbatross shot made; usually one hole a player regrets, because although its the easiest  9 iron, tobalrass- hole he can make, if hes not carefull, 9 months later, that dreaded hole begets

The Double ‘D’ is to remind or warn the player to reconsider trying to sink this kind of Jalbatross,

The player and or D-gal is usually,

Drunk and Desperate,  on a Dooms Date, where the guy chooses to be the  Dooms Doer,  a sort of       Dick’s Destiny( An Anthony Weiner, self inflicted- screwer )  and as the Designated Dumby,  even though he Detects Danger, he decides to be  a Dare Devel, continuing anyway, accepting a Devils Dare, and all the Dreaded Drama that comes with it, continuing to enter, Deaths Door, into a Danger Den, a Deathtrap Dungeon, filled with Dance and Drama, where his Double Dribbles, Double Down, on him so hard, he just hopes he Doesnt Die,  and is not Dead by Dawn


Example use

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Word came from

Albatross; the bird and the golf shot; Tobal; Greek for bearing christ and RASS; Razzle Dazzle, Agitate, Sedate, Scale

by truble