06 Jun 2017

Jalbatross-Double Deagle


Jalbatross- Double Deagle n; a potential, soul in one mate date, the most difficult shot anyone could ever attempt to make which would be called a, tobalrass’; Double Deagle

Double Deagle; the best Jalbatross, aka 'Jessica-Albatross' a guy can get; a potential 'soul in one', date with destiny

Catalan, Latin, Italian

dea; Goddess


dea; fr, dar; my gosh that ‘Gal is delicious’, she’s galicious, Im glad I speak Galician!!


dea; Goddess ;  My‘istiri is hot’(translation; ‘My wife is hot!)


dea; good, well

tobalrass- Double Deagle;  last shot win; a Double Deagle soul in one mate(a union blessed, bearing, 'tobal'  Christ, and all the power of Infinite Intelligence )

tobalrass-Double D-Gal;  hole in one night stand mate(many times not worth it, other wise known as Disaster Date)






Example use

I cant believe youve been happily married that long, howd you do it?

Well, i guess weve been like, 'golffriends' for many years even though weve never played golf. We just got lucky and was blessed by God when i scored a, tobalrass, jalbatross 'Double Deagle' one night .. of course i had to make it through many other tobalrass, Double D-gals before i finally got my Double Deagle...

So shes your Double Deagle, but looks like shes got some fairly large Double D's herself??

Ya, when we moved to 'silacone' valley, she gottem done at a place called, 'Beverly's Hills'....






Word came from

Jessica-Albatross + dea + Double Eagle

by truble