30 May 2017

Jessica Albatross


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Jessica Albatross n ;  aka; 'Jalbatross', a very difficult shot to achieve; a 19th hole, 'bar golf' score; to get the number and or leave the bar with a sexy girl within 2 shots(2 drinks)





Example use

Dude sive drafely and lay in her stain!!

Ya, its been a long time since i scored a jessica albatross...... but its far from over, now i gotta make the most difficult shot of all, and thats a, 'tobalrass', hopefully  this time the, jalbatross is a 'double deagle' and legal, not a ditzy, hooters  'Double D-gal' 

Whatever you do dont tee her off!!







Word came from

Jessical Alba; a sexy hot actress and the 2 shot in a par 5, double eagle 'Albatross' golf shot

by truble