28 May 2017



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tabraloss; a 19th hole, bogus bar golf attempt to catch a rare bird within 2 shots, until she's teed off

tabraloss; a kind of golf round penalty, loss of a shot, played at a bar, by trying to score with a sexy bird that you thought for sure you had in the hole, but eventually you end up shooting way over the 2 shot maximum you get in order to obtain her which would be a very rare, ‘Jessica Albatross’(getting her # and or leaving the premises together, costing you only 2 shots at the bar )  , But instead you’re suddenly left with a very expensive tab, a score card adding up to many more rounds of shots, until you finally realize that the cute little birdy who suddenly flew away, was actually a double ‘egal’of girls who got you played




Example use


Bartender: Ooops, ouch! Albacadabra-TABRAloss!!!, your Jalbatross just up and disappeared!!  Heres your ‘tab’, ‘bra’, so sorry for the ‘loss’, she sure was hot

ya for a minute there I thought I had her within 2 shots, and you know what that would have been?

 A “Jessickah alba-tross”??

Yep, and a one hole, 2 shot chance  is much more difficult than anything you can get on an 18 hole golf course  

The final round winner is determined by a one shot, one putter or shaft,  which includes 2 balls, and a final hole…. If you can make that, you get,  ‘tobalrass’and if you can get a a tobalrass, that completes and solidifies a Jessica- Albatross

 Why the 2 balls because you only get one shot?

Just because it not only takes balls to get a tobalrass, she may just give you a mulligan, so the extra ball represents a last shot, 2nd chance, to get into her tight little ,,,,,,,,,trance

Awe youre just lookin for a Double D-gal, hole in one night stand





Word came from

Albatross; a rare 2 shot par 5 hole, or double eagle

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why do i have to get a tobalrass to get you in bed honey, we're already married?

Who told you marriage was easy?




by truble