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onaboblerbit v; the act of sleeping on the stomach for fear of emasculation (castration)

onaboblerbit n; afraid of waking up without a penis usually because of living and sleeping with an extremely jealous partner who threatens to castrate if she catches infidelity

v; fear of fellatio because of the thought of getting bit


Ona boblerbitch n; a cock chopper; any female who threatens to castrate her man, for any reason



dude, im 'onaboblerbit' !!! she said she'd cut my pecker clean off if she ever caught me cheating"

"So dont cheat!, break up with your 'Ona boblerbitch' now, she's psyco!


ona; without, lacking


ona; to ruin, spoil or to sin
ona; variety of bat
bob (v.1) Look up bob at Dictionary.com

"move with a short, jerking motion," late 14c., probably connected to Middle English bobben "to strike, beat" (late 13c.), perhaps of echoic origin. Another early sense was "to make a fool of, cheat" (early 14c.). Related: Bobbed; bobbing. The sense in bobbing for apples (or cherries) recorded by 1799.



  1. To bob up and down.
  2. (US) To make a mistake in


bobler; one who moves unsteadily side to side

"a horse's tail cut short"

Catherine Kieu Becker

In 2011 when this real (crazy) housewife of Orange County’s husband Glen asked for a divorce, Ms. Becker had what her attorney called a “break from reality.” She spiked his soup with Ambien. When he passed out, she tied him to their marriage bed. She then grabbed a 10-inch kitchen knife. She turned on a tape recorder in their bedroom and taped herself shouting, “You deserve it!” three times before cruelly and brutally dismembering his member and grinding it to tiny penile chunks in their garbage disposal. Glen would never regain his penis nor any meaningful sexual function. He also required surgery just so he’d be able to urinate


Easily the most famous penis-severing aggrieved woman in modern times, this Ecuadorian-born Virginia housewife performed The Slice Heard ’Round The World in 1994 when in a fit of madness, she mercilessly separated her husband from his schvanz. After removing her husband's shlong she left their home—penis in hand—and drove away until she realized she still had his penis in her hand. She threw the bloody phallus into an abandoned field.

Police later found the penis and delivered it in ice to a hospital, where it was reunited with her husband during what was undoubtedly a grueling and hilarious operation.
At trial, she had reported  that her husband routinely raped and abused her. Jurors believed her and found her not guilty by reason of insanity. Both would later be arrested in separate assault incidents.
Her husband would go on to star in two porn films......







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Lorena Bobbitt

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