25 May 2017



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folgier n; (pronounced like 'soldier'); aka, folgier of fortunes; a fundraising golf soldier; any person, entity or organization who supports raising money via golf charity events, and then gives all the  proceedes to people who are in need, e.g the long running partnership between the four seasons and Byron Nelson golf events that has positively impacted a community by helping to raise more than 150 million dollars for Momentous Institute which has impacted over 100,000 lives


folgier; a fan, friend, follower and supporter of any professional game, especially golf; to be mad (in a good way) about golf, but with only the experience of playing miniature golf

Note; a folgier is usually well read in any Game followed with a keen eye to discern pro stats, so then is able to folgern, the game more accurately than most pros; a gambler of sports


folgern; conclude, deduce, infer 

A folgier's cougher; one who makes a noise or 'coughs'(a cougher) right before a golfer's shot 


folgier(pronounced like "vulgar") one who dresses in a vulgar display of color clashing golf-wear, but has absolutely no aptitude for playing the game; a yuppie want to be golfer    



folger; follow


 folg n; follower of golf, not a player

Middle French

fol; mad, insane, silly, crazy


gier; genitive plural of ‘gra’; game, play 




Example use

Hey you wanta play golf?

Nope, Im just a folgier, you'd be chasing my balls all day, as i order you to be my gofer..

And I'd probably do a big folger's cougher, right before you tee off by yelling out, "drive safely!!!"  Ill be your 'folg' guy but not your 'golfriend'....



Word came from

golfer + soldier+ vulgar + folger = folgier