23 May 2017



Dohnson; A pariah, a persona non grata, a great unmentionable

Dohnson; the biggest Dick(Johnson) head there is; to be the top 10 performer, in any game or field of profession, but fail with at least 3 drug tests in a 5 year period, including 2 for cocaine while carrying on liasons with the wife of a fellow colleague which causes to break the marriage

Dohnson; Dumb, Deceitful, Drugy, Dickhead + Johnson= Double Dickhead Johnson

Johnson; penis



Example use

Hey did you see that, she smiled at me!!?

Don’t be a Charles Dohnson bro, do you know she married to your colleague Charles?!

Oh I didn’t know that!! Thanks for the heads up butt!!



Word came from

Dustin Johnson pro golfer

by truble