23 May 2017

Dayson J


Dayson 'J' , n; the new drink of choice, especially for golfers, the first, get serious, non alcoholic, junipier, juiced up ‘jocktail’( for all professional jocks) aka,  ‘Jaynipper’, ‘jaycktail’, any drink packed with powerful, mind and body boosting, herbs and fruit juices(preferably organic),  Or just an herbal ‘J’(joint) if over 18, and dont 'toke and drive' to always be mindfull to ‘drive safely’ on a golf course or on the road

Dayson J; non alcoholic, liquid marijuana 'jaynniper-jaycktail' drink

A healthier alternative to a golfers typical, bloody mary, Irish coffe, beer or shot of whiskey etc before stepping on to the tee; a shift in the mind set  in reference to golf and alcolhol having a happy relationship since 15th century Scotland, where the number ‘18’of holes in a course started because it took 18 shots to polish off a 5th of Scotch Whisky, so the game was finished when the scotch ran out, which is why most golf courses have a bar conveniently located right after the 18th hole


Juniper was a symbol of the Canaanites' fertility goddess Ashera or Astarte in Syria. In the Bible's Old Testament, a juniper with an angelic presence sheltered the prophet Elijah from Queen Jezebel's pursuit. ... It is for its culinary, medicinal and ritual properties that juniper is best known.

‘J’‘joint’; marijuana is now widely known to help with all kinds of ailments such as cancer etc etc...

This entry is specially dedicated to pro golfer Jason Day and his mother’s great comeback recovery from lung cancer

Have a nice Dayson J!




Example use

Bartender: what can i get you today

pro golfer: well ive tried it the other way, and i dont think it helps my play,

so I think its about time for a 'Dayson J' !



Word came from

Jason Day top, world class pro golfer

by truble