14 May 2017

Jailito's Way


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‘Jailitos way’(staring Don Jaily) n;  a walking,‘cocktail of disaster’; a drinker with a life played out like a bad country song ; able to drink the equivalent of at least a fifth of Jack, daily, for a year which obviously makes one not only go many more times to the ‘Jon Daily’ more than the average person, but also increases the negative consequences; e.g., more AA visits, divorces, gambling debts, drug use and health problems

Note; a don jailito is like a cross between a cat with nine lives and a Corleon, they’ll never give up 






Example use

Hold on there Don Jaily, youre starting to make this a habit, youve had one too many for too too long, youre starting to look like the movie star don jailito in jailitos way....and you know how that turned out..




Word came from

Carlitos Way + Don Jaily= John Daly, gifted pro golfer who struggles with his AA game

by truble