14 May 2017



dislexid n;  anything involving a situation where the penalty doesn’t really fit the crime anymore, usually because of an antiquated rule that should be changed; a messed up, confusing or unfair rule or person, e.g.,  situation where some joe schmuck can watch a golf tournement on tv and then is empowered like an official to call the shots of the game


Example use

Dude do you hear what happened to the pro golfer Lexi Thompson who should have won the tournement but was stripped of the title because of some boobficial(viewer offiating from a 'boobtube' ,tv)?

Ya i did, definitely a dislexid rule, can you imagine someone watching wimbledon and calling in to say John Macenros passing shot was out and so he loses the game??  

Word came from

dyslexia plus Lexi Thompson

by truble