11 May 2017

Don Jaily


Image result for waking up wearing an orange jump suit behind bars cartoon

Don Jaily v,n; to drink until passing out, waking up ailing, and donning a strange, soiled orange jumpsuit, then it finally dawns on you, you’re ailing in jail 

Don Jaily; one who drinks and drives on a golf course 


Example use

Hey dont do a Don Jaily on me bro, lets go!

Just one more drink

Have fun ailin in jail!

Hey dont bail!

Dont worry i wont, you gotta find someone else dumb enough to bail you out this time... im outta here


Word came from

John Daly; pro golfer who won the PGA in 91 and British Open in 95, struggles with the 'AA game' his biggest claim to fame but is still in the game

by truble