10 May 2017

Dyslexi Thompson


Dyslexi Thompson n, v; to make a small, seemingly insignificant mistake, but be penalized like it was the crime of the century  

A ‘Dyslexi Thompson’is a phrase that can be used to remind one not to make any small mistakes(especially golf errors like signing wrong score cards, and returning balls to the wrong spot ) as such penalties can cost one a trophie






Example use

Teacher: make sure to watch your mistakes, dont be a Dyslexi Thompson, and ruin your entire grade because of stupid errors!!


student: Ok Mr Dislexid!!


Teacher: What did you say?


student: i said "I missed my taxi!!!".......So i might as well stay and do the essay, esay aso...


Word came from

Lexi Thompson; pro golfer who was penalized 4 strokes for signing the wrong card and returning a ball to the wrong spot

by truble