08 May 2017



pornasictater(porn-assic-tater); aka, ‘The master-tater’, (male or female); exemplar of the mantra he or she who hesitates, masterbates; usually one who pornasictates, doesnt attempt to accomplish anything, rarely going outside the house to meet anyone, so ends up being known as a,  ‘sick, stay-homer, porn watching, couch potato, loner boner, stoner



Example use

hey whatever happened to your friend Donald ?

Ya he donald ducked outta sight and mind after that last break-up..  He's been pornasictating in his room for so long they call him the 'pornasictater' a sick addiction to not trying to live anymore, a master 'hesitater', only wants to be a lazy stay home 'porn' watchin couch potato, its pretty sad.. 


Word came from

procrastinate; to delay an action