06 May 2017



tapscorinater;n; master tapper, terminater of scoring, an extremely bold, swift, pro-active, action taker; one who doesn’t hesitate, usually because of tremendous amounts of practice which makes a tapscorinnatere's game look natural or 'innate'


tapscorinnate adj; the innate ability to keep from holding back and to find a happy place in clutch situations, usually by a forged, hightail, persistent, advancement into a finale; capacity to‘tap’into anything ventured e.g industry and ‘tang’(women) or ‘pang’(men), and come out scoring, winning most of the time 

tapscorinnate; ability to make great combacks and to thrive in high pressure situations without cracking under stress; to step up and perform stronger even when the chips are down

A tapscorinater engenders the confidence and trust of others not only because of their amazing feats of accomplishments, but a legacy of, 'never giving up'



cori; heart, gentleness



rinate plural of rinato; rinascere, verb, to be revived, to resprout, to be born again



nate; fr nato, I stream, I flow


ater; fr Latin attinere; to attain 










Example use


hey tap-scorinater! how do you keep winning at everything you do??

First you gotta practice like theres no tomorrow, until it looks natural,  something you're born with, the ability to tap into your, innate, then balance it between a strong, yet gentle heart, but dont hold back, dont hesitate, u gotta find your happy place, to be the ace, and then just 'tap it in, give it a little tappy, tap tap taparoo!!!'






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