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parscrotinate v (par-scrow-tin-ate); to hold back from going beyond just par, usually because of fear of failure

parscrotinate; a duffer’s prolonged delay of hitting or making ballsier shots, or one who puts off making bolder, more aggressive decisions in life or for whatever is pursued


duffer; an inexperienced person, especially a brand new novice mediocre golfer





Example use

I used to shank my balls all the time, I was a constant parscrotinator, couldn’t control the anger and fear

So how were you able to keep from parscrotinating, to now being able to hit ballsier shots that have taken you above and beyond par excellence

I don’t shank my balls anymore! Now before each crucial shot I wash em n shake em, like they were a sack of magic beans, then I make em, like making a wish, I visualize the result of getting it in the hole..... shake n make baby!! Shake n make!! ......You  gotta know when to hold em, know when to wash em, know when to shake them, when the heel shankin’s done........and  you always count your money, period!





Word came from

procrastinate v; to delay an action

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