12 Apr 2017



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wegilo  n(weyg-ilo); an extremely happy and content westerner in Asia, especially when away from a home country

wegilo v; to be drunk off happiness, ripped into bliss; to be so happy, one feels light headed, giddy, tingly all over and almost all inibitions gone

we-gilo(wee-gilo) n, v;  to be extremely drunk from alcohol, like borrowing happiness from tomorrow;  its  a ‘kilo’ of      ‘ gila’(craziness)


we; us

gilo; a kilo of ‘gila’ craziness ( Bahasa Indonesia)



weg; away


weg; way, road, gone disappeared, (slang) hammered


weg; away, gone, hammered, unconscious, passed out, hammered(extremely drunk)

weg; minus


ilo; joy, delight, happiness, pleasure, love, lover


ilo’ fun, joy


How to be ‘wegilo’?

First off, stop drinking to make you happy

Stop dwelling in the past

Stop buying possessions, or trying to buy someones affection

Start buying experiences

Start paying compliments

Stop blaming others for mistakes they did, because you carry the pain too


Start a mental gratitude journal, what are you grateful for

Live your dream, just do it get off your “but’s” ‘I wanta do it “but”…but, but

Learn something new










Example use

Hey look at gweilo, he is drunk?

Yes, but 'drunk' off 'happiness', he's, 'weygilo', so happy to be away from his own country, and happy to be in ours..






Word came from

gweilo; ethnic slur for a white person in China; foreign devil, ghost

 Note now many westerners call themselves 'gweilo' in asia

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