11 Apr 2017



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Trunk; name for ‘Trump’ in the hood

Trunk is used when talking about Donald Trump because brothers in the hood can relate to his adversity, the name, “Trunk” signifies, how hard Trump truncates his competition

Trunk; Trump + Truck + trunc-ate = Trunkate

Trunkate; figurative word to describe a gruesome slaughter house victory; to beat and cut an opponent so badly they disappear  ; as if the loser was hit by a, big mac-truck then cut into little Rubio pieces small enough to be eaten or  trunk-“ate”like road kill Hillary Bill  




Example use

Hey man, what do u think of Trump, the news say he  kkk!!??

Hey its ‘Trunk’ man!! and he aint no kkk, ok!! And there’s only one k in Trunk and that’s ok cause it stands for, keen, kool, king sized, KO kudos, kazaamer, kooky ya, but a keeper , kapishamer!!? Lets face it, Trunk is the uber true hunk, all the other sunk and shrunk like punks!

You see,Trunk came from way behind( like being tide-up and locked up in the trunk of a car, but he got out of that trunk, got up to the front and under  the ‘  hood’of that car…… that brother trunkated  a dirty engine’s  swamp laiden white house scum, under its greasy, ‘hood-lum’, trumping its rusty broken head to kingdom come, is how that brother bled and led to get ahead, and then he won! )

So dont worry, We got your black Trunk!!,  anytime you need a lift!! just ask for Ray Brown aka, Dark Knite over here in the most righteous hood, in Oackliff Texas, and Trunk will sit upfront with me that you can depend, for ill have you know that

Texas is the only state word in america that  means,”friend”

Note:  according to Urban Dictionary, Trunk also means, the most rad person on the block



Word came from

'trunk of a car', figuratively by brothers in the Oak Cliff Dallas Hood to describe how tough Trump is

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