04 Dec 2016



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galfrant v; out of control, public, girlfriend rant, against a boyfriend or friend. usually drawing a lot of on-looker attention.



Example use

"Yo bro, what was that all about, with your girlfriend!!??

Ya you just witnessed her infamous "galfrant"! my ball n chain gets totally out of control in public!! why can't she wait until we get home to rant!! she loves to galfrant to show everybody how she controls me, im such a dick!!

wow wow wow!, now don't you start having a 'faglrant' yourself!!".....

check out this galfrant youtube clip





Word came from


 flagrant latin, blaze, burn, on fire, flaming, obvious, offensive, blatant  

rant;  English ;  A wild, emotional, and sometimes incoherent art

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