10 Apr 2017



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buylylu n;(buy-lie-loo) money can buy fake, materialistic ‘love and affection’; unrequited love; one sided, love not recipricated or returned in kind

buylylu v; to buy love and affection; an attempt to attract someone with money or favors; usually from a man trying to keep a woman attracted to him

buylylu; aka; Nice Guy Manipulation; for a guy to buy love and affection known to lure some women for only short periods of time

buylylu; the idea that some women will allow men to do anything for them, giving money doing favors but it wont make them change how they feel about the man, and wont make the man more attractive because money cannot buy attraction

buy; to pay for, using money or favors


ly; to suffer


lu; vagina


He She

Old French

lu; wolf


lu; animal


lu; bone


lu; fox


lu; flame


lue; syphilis


lu; luo; I wash, i cleanse, purge, i expiate, i pay, i suffer, i satisfy, to cut off, seperate, free




Note: A great relationship requires, great communication skills and shared value of self worth among many other things




Example use

Did you hear what happened to pongky?


He asked his buylylu lover if she would still love him if he didnt give her money

What did she say?

She said sure she would still love him but she would miss him too

LOL!! buylylu dong!!, luv that only last until the money is gone



Word came from

lyublyu; Russian word for 'love'

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