06 Apr 2017



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 nadim; Nyamannya sih, Dicuci dulu biar ‘Adim’..!!

 nadim; to ‘nadim’(clean one’s body before making love) always increases a lover’s ‘nadi’(pulse).

 nadim; to clean fruit and vegatables  thoroughly, especially a peach from a market.

 NADIM;(Need A Douche IMmediately).


 Nadi;river(from Pali)

nadim; (na)jangan (dim)bodoh, biasakan untuk selalu bersih

 na; no(oldEnglish), romani;not(tidak/jangan)

 dim;not smart(tidak pintar)


 Adim;An ancient Egyptian king, son of Budasheer. He ruled after the flood and often secretly consulted his father's spirit who lived on in his subterranean palace. Adim built the first installation for distilling fresh water from sea water in a deep vast cave. ;(wisdom library)



Example use

 Nyamannya sih, Dicuci dulu biar ‘Adim’..!!




 You know steven seagal?




 Well I’m steven ‘segar’ I don’t like ‘im’ (dirty) hair..


‘nadim’ dulu dong..!!!


 Mandi?! Gak ah,,dingin..!!


 No mandi.!!, but ‘nadim’, clean the peach before you eat it, it tastes much better and it's healtier too...


owh..pintar sek-ali?!!!


Word came from

mandi;Bahasa indonesia;to shower

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