04 Apr 2017



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Linta-Cora n; aka, "jungle leech woman"; also name for when someone who looks pretty inside a very dark disco, club or any scarcley lit location but as soon as you leave and see her in the light, she looks extremely unatractive as if she just arrived from an ancient Aztec jungle, the offspring of a man and a dog woman  


linta; leech 



cora; masked 'Cora' Juda dancer, a branch of the Huciti people from Baja California






Example use

Bro, are you sure you want to go with that girl, it's awfully dark in here, she could be another Linta Cora

Ya, your right, I wish I had a flash light


Word came from

Cinta Laura; a very cantik, pretty Indonesian/German artist

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by truble