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fani n,v(pronounced, 'fan-ee'); a foolish, unsophisticated asinine person; one who displays a flagrant idiotic, follie esq act, perceived as dangerously hilarious

fani; crazy (insane) unsophisticated sports fan 

fani; unsophisticated, fanny act

 Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

fanny, etymology unknown, debut, 1879, Early English poems, and lives of Saints

fanny; (British, vulgar slang) a woman's genitals, and intercourse

fanny; (British Naval, slang) mess kettle, or cooking pot; to "mess around and waste time"

North America, Canada, US, arguably the most, nearly polite of several euphemisms

fanny; Informal, a woman's buttocks


Portugese, Spanish, from Old Tupi


ani; a bird of the cuckoo family; crazy, not sane, someone found where they shouldnt be

ani; anus; an ass or jack-ass

Akan language

ani; eye, eyes; as in all eyes watching someone

Dutch, Latin

ani; anus


ani; extreme

ani; anus, or ass


ani; sudden, happening quickly with no warning







Example use

At a ball game in the bleacher seats

Bro do you do see what i see??

Oh my gosh is that lady peeing in her seat?

Ya, and and its not really funny, its 'fani', everyone can see her nasty pee squirting fanny, making a complete nasty mass(mess-kettle from her fanny ass) out of herself! Soooo dumb!  





Word came from

naif; Indonesian word for naive

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