02 Apr 2017



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buljezen n,v; love that doesn’t put up with bullshit;  angry with someone you love which means you  actually love them

buljezen; love from one who has the courage to keep a lover in check by setting boundries incredibly well

buljezen is the kind of love one is attracted to in a person not only because of their sharp wit but the strength they have to reign in on poor behavior, keeping one morally in check which in turn makes a person stronger and better

buljezen is love from friends who call you out on stuff if they feel it’s bullshit and that’s more attractive and appealing than having friends who just ‘yes’ you to death



jezen; anger

JE; Just Energy, Joint Effort

Zen; a wisdom tradition, derived from the Chinese word chan and Sanskrit dhyana, which means meditation, and the root meaning in Sanskrit is to see to observe, to look; to not deny the anger but to handle it properly




Example use

Im sorry I got angry with you last night honey!

Its ok babe, buljezen, i deserved it, you don’t put up with my bull which is actually pretty cool and another reason why I love you




Word came from

ljbezen; Slovenian word for 'love'

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by truble