01 Apr 2017



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Mr UAO! n;(pronounced, “mister‘ew,au!”) “Unlike Any Other”. “United As One”. With love for his sweet heart.

Mr UAO;  most sincere, unconditional, lover


Mr UAO; most witty, sexy, romantic tantric (romtantric) 'mister eeya-man' alive



Example use

UAO, UAO!!! Anisah finally got her mister-eeya-man!

Ya, hes definitely a Mr UAO, that’s for sure! Shes sooo lucky dong!



Word came from

“amour”French word for ‘love', borrowed by the English yet to be returned

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Mr UAO is specially dedicated to the people of France so rightly earned, sealed with a sexy French kiss  for all languages of the world to use and enjoy, meant to make lovers quiver and moan, as the power and vibration of love found within Mr UAO and amour, can only be an unconditional gift that can never be ‘a loan’ 

According to a variety of sources, 45% of English words have a French origin



by truble