26 Mar 2017

gilgackmac attack


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gilgackmac attack n; night terror, screaming or making a gack like noise(choking) in your dream

gilgackmack attack; sleep paralysis; inability to scream and move our legs during sleep

gilgackmac attack; Difficulty shouting during dreams of an attack in a dream symbolizes feelings of being left alone to deal with a serious problem. You wish someone would hear your cry and give you a hand.

gilgackmac attack; to scream from watching a scary movie or to scream because of thinking that there is a ghost or some kind of witch-craft working around you


gil; scream

gil; short for 'gila' which means crazy in bahasa Indonesia

gack; a choking sound

MAC; Mysterious Alien Creatures

MAC; Mad And Crazy



Example use

Honey whats wrong??

I had gilgackmac attack again, I couldnt move and I tried to scream but i couldnt!!, it was so scary!!


Word came from

black magic

Image result for sleep paralysis cartoon

by truble