23 Mar 2017

Dr Ogan-Fly


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Dr O-gan-fly n; AKA Domperidone-Droperidol, or ‘skams breastman’

A dangerous night club, sexual predator(pre-date-raper)

A thorny, prickle drug pill slipper; one who preys on weak souls, especially woman in order to take them home to have sex while they are unconscious 

Dr oganfly v; to do a dr-oganfly is the act of a sexual predator slipping drugs into someones drink  

Dr Oganfly; the worst kind of night club prick, a sexual droga predater


Note; Alcohol is the number one and original predator drug used in sexual assaults



oga; thorn, prickle


gan; to go


gan; to have sex














Example use

Hey don’t drink that!

Why? Its free! And he offered me a ride home!

Are you crazy!!That creepy guy could be “Dr Ogan-fly”!! He could have slipped any kind of drug in that drink!

Oh ya, youre right, good try ‘Dr Ogan-fly’ time to say goodbye




Word came from


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dragonfly; a fast-flying long-bodied predatory insect with two pairs of large transparent wings that are spread out sideways at rest. The voracious aquatic larvae take up to five years to reach adulthood.


In ancient Swedish folklore, the dragonfly is called Skams besman, which translate to Devil’s Steelyard. This name is derived from the shape of a dragonfly’s body. If you use a little imagination, its body shape begins to resemble a weighting tool. The people believed that the Devil used the dragonfly to weigh people’s souls. The dragonfly would circle a person to get the measure of their soul. If your soul was found wanting, you could expect to be seriously injured in the near future. Today, dragonflies are considered holy animals in the Scandinavian countries.

While we might never know the true origins of how the dragonfly received its name. It is fun to learn more about the possible origins of the name and the folklore associated with this insect.







by truble