22 Mar 2017



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weett; new word, ‘we eat’,  sent through any transmission or publication e.g. ‘tweet’, emails etc,  as an fyi notice or response to a tweet

weett; we + ETT(Equally Transmit Truth) via a witty new word, ingested or 'etten' by people of all languages,

weetties; ‘words of wisdom’ 'nourishment for knowledge

Etymology of ‘weet’

Representing a Middle English variant of wit(verb).

weet (present weet, present participle wetende, past wis, past participle geweet)

1.   to know

2.   be be aware of


West Frisian

weet; wheat



weet m (plural weten, diminutive weetje n)

1.   knowledge; science.

2.   (archaic) notice; advertisement.

weet; To know and be able to


1. Derivative of Dutch weet meaning "to know" or "knowledge"
2. Derivative of woot meaning something like "YES!"

German and Low German



idea; notion

inkling; suspicion


Example use

Not available

Word came from

weet + tweet ; a tweet, or transmission of a witty new word

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(n.) a short, sweet tweet

by truble