22 Mar 2017

strange on a Train



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strange on a Train; (as a phrase) for any disasterious scenario involving having to travel via trains planes or automobiles, with strange people you cant stand e.g. A  train of Rosie Odonald,  like  'strange’ passengers riding with Trump ‘strainge’ supporters;  a train wrecked


strange; Trump haters, usually ugly people who want the government to fix their already wrecked life

strainge; Trump supporters, usually people who are attractive and smart and want less government assistance





Example use

Dude we gotta get off this train!! Theres just way too many Rosie Odonald stange, i cant handle it!

It could be worse, at least we can jump off this train, can you image a plane full of Rosie Odonald stange!!??


Word came from

'snakes on a train' which would be similar to riding with trump haters mixed with trump supporters

Image result for strange on a train cartoon


by truble