19 Mar 2017



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Jarkata! (jar-kata); 'Picasso esq', word creation; to shock or surprise with fantastic, bleeding edged words for all languages to use, as an unconditional gift, not meant to be loan words

  Jar; to shake, shock or surprise

JAR; Just About Right

kata; word

Jark; to modify, as in existing words, via spantrose

Jarkata; artistic word creating prowess

Jarkata; the ark of jagan; pursuit of universal truth, saving and creating a covenant of wonderfully righteous words

J; Jagan, world, Universe

Ark; covenant, safe place


In Arabic, (???) Ata is a name meaning "Gift".


ata; to stimulate

bleeding edge; more advanced than cutting edge technology, but perceived as more risky because the technology hasnt been tested








Example use

Wow dude! Jarkata!!! you did it again! how do you create such incredibly shocking words!!??

Well Im not Batman, Im only the 'majil', 'magical, beautiful(jamil) word creating Magic Man', and thats all i am






Word came from

Jakarta; City in Indonesia

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Jakarta; a perfect place of strongly unified, sweet, blessed and extremely artistic, Indiginous people known for its artistic word creating prowess and preservation of languages and all the beautiful words within them  

JAK; Jazak Allah Khair; Arabic, Islamic phrase to mean, ‘may God reward you with goodness’


JA; translingual word that means "Yes" in in many languages

ZAK; God has remembered

Khair; In Urdu, and Arabic, means; good, best, very well, welfare, happiness, wealth prosperity, royalty, power, stunning



Jak; strong


JAK; A charming attractive young man. Very good at sports and funny. Everyone wants to know him. Every guy wants to be him, every girl wants to be with him. Urban Dictionary

JAK; (n.) An extremely cool person, especially if preceded by the adjective "Mighty"


arta; artistic


arta; full, sated;

arta; ‘sate’ in a state of complete and thorough satisfaction, quelled of thirst and hunger, To satisfy the appetite or desire of; to fill up, eg, to sit and enjoy a plate of delicious satay, Indonesia and Malay







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