14 Mar 2017



Image result for intelligence is enormously sexy cartoon

strainge; a new ‘strain’ of, ‘strange’, aka,

Train strange’, 'babes on a Train'(not to be confused with the typical type of ‘strange’ that guys look for when they just want sex with some dumb ‘stranger’)

 strainge represents a higher class of women because they are not only extremely intelligent but ‘down right’ sexy looking, Trump supporters, highly sought out for their ability to stimulate minds   

Most men on the ‘Trump train’ find this new and improved strain of strange irresistible because the strainge’s natural sexiness is amplified by their ‘SSSSIQ!’

‘Ssssick!’, meaning, ‘Sweet,Special/Sexy/Spirit, IQutie’, with a booty, intelligence)

strainge; stranger than strange, so strange there must be an 'i' added to the new strainge








Example use

Just take a look at any trump train of, ‘strainge’ in the crowd and youll see more cute young women showing up in droves to support the donald.

Where as the Hillary, bernie sanders rallies are packed to the brim with strange fat lesbians and ugly frumpy college hobbit women with problem glasses that would likely yell at you for taking up too much space on a train.

The right attracts people who are generally happy with themselves and want the world to quit holding them back. The left attracts people who are terribly unhappy with themselves and want the government to fix it.”


yo yo, r u up for catchin some strange??

Naaa, go ahead, i only go for the Trump train 'strainge' these days. Can you imagine riding on a train mixed with Trump train 'strainge' and the other Trump hating strange?

Ya, theres only one thing worse than that kind of, 'strainge on a train' and that would be, 'strainge on a plane', at least you can jump off the train...




Word came from

Trump, train, strain. strange = sTrainge

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by truble