02 Mar 2017



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'kiss my ‘twutt’(or kiss my tweeting butt you twat!)

Trumpos; Trump + typos = typos from a winner; e.g. making typos but trumping the competition

Trumpo; a typo; insignificant as a fart


Trumpos is from the idea that the more successful one is the more typos theyre prone to make because winners cant be bothered with petty, 'typographical correctnes' matters, they just have to be correct is what matters

Trump means 'win' in America butt in England trump also means, 'fart'
















Example use

I just luv wakin up in morning to have my bowl of ‘Trumpios’; a box full of bite sized, ‘typos’its a breakfast of trumpians...

while Hillary and Bill share their morning bowls of ‘Cheaties’(cheerios mixed with wheaties), breakfast of Chumpians!

And a box of Cheaties aint full of  ‘typos’, it’s just, ‘full of it’(Wheaties turned a ‘Jenner’ into a ‘Jenny’ and Hilary's Cheerios turned into “Her-CEIO’s,   CEIO’S =  CEO's-I-Owe, as she owes alot… the CEO’s did make her rich, but theres a catch, she got hitched and bewitched…now Hillary’s singing a different kind of I-owe u-tunes after she lost, it goes something like this…

“I owe, I owe, its off to the Dog house I go, but I made my buck, gotta a new private server named, ‘Bill and cry baby Schmuck’, I owe I owe I owe I owe!!
















Word came from

Trump; to win and fart, the 'o' and s in trumpos means, 'only' 'silly' typos'


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Pardon me Queen, for my 'trumpo', a typo trump of just one word, But it took out the nasty tweeter who made fun of me, now hes the dumb dead bird

Queen: word!! I just did a trumpo myself that nobody heard, it was silent but deadly and this is what occured, my Butler just made his exit, only a few from the left really gets it, for if not for Trump and his Trumpos we would have never had our Brexit.....and you know what that is to mean, my cute little Charlie Sheen?

Trump saved the Queen!??
















by truble