02 Mar 2017



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Tryumpos; making ‘typos’ great again; through a media’s tightly monitered trail of  ‘typos’, trivial grammar mistakes made that are held and scrutinized against the winner who made them, during a long blistering, vitriolic, political bout,  but in the end, regardless of  any typos or any other mistakes made for that matter, the winner again prevailes and triumphs, making typos great again  

 Tryumpo typos, obviously shows how insignificant, minor typo mistakes really are in the, grand, ‘Make America Great’, ‘tweet of things’, especially when the message comes from a well liked, very successful, relentless leader who never quits trying to win, and when the essence of that typo laidened message is understood and connected to so well by the people, they give him their allegiance, and complete trust by choosing him over many others to be their leader 




Example use


What r you eating

bowl of Tryumpios

whats that?

Its like the power of popeye when he eats spinach, i swallow and digest all the typos into powerful Tryumpos, and then its just like, ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin, because all the 'typo' converted 'tryumpos' makes me sure to triumph, i cant lose, i always win!    




Word came from

triumphant + typos

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by truble