02 Mar 2017





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Typos n;  blood typing, typos; pumpued up, boiled to a, 'warrior', ‘type-o’, type of blood because of staying up all night to, ‘type’,  all riled up, tweeting to defend your life and reputation from people who attack you; of a certain kind of, ‘Typo’, from a person much too tough to beat and defeat in a tweet, regardless of any silly typos from a type-o

Note :People with blood type-O, may often be trendsetters, and are very strong and enduring like warriors. They can also be confident, self-determined, strong-willed and intuitive, as well as seemingly self-centered, cold, unpredictable and potentially a workaholic who is prone to making an array of, typos





Example use

Hey does your blood boil when responding to nasty tweets?

Ya, Im afraid im a real typo type of typer, mistakes will be made! But I’d rather be a typo than a schmuck head , schumer clown, blood type, ‘whine-O’ who never gets laid!  



Word came from

typos + type-o blood types + TYPOS; Trump, Yes, Please, Overtake Senate

Image result for blood types of a twitter cartoon



by truble