01 Mar 2017



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scuhmer(scum-er); ‘scum bag, humbug, bummer’; a lying, crying, ‘upchuck-schmucker’, ‘schumorist’, leftist; a naysayer who makes people sick

scuhm; scum + humbugger; the deceptive, false talking, humbug behavior that makes a person a scumbag

upchuck-schmucker; a foolish democrat schmuck who makes you want to throw up

schumorist; ‘tears of a clown head’, leader of the left; not at all a humorist, but a sad, serious, agravator, only funny looking at best





Example use

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Word came from

Schumer Schumer; the politition, has never held an adult job outside of elected office living off the tax payers his entire life

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by truble