28 Feb 2017



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cerealogy n(cearal-ogy); the science of cereals; the breakfast of champions , e.g from understanding how cereal gets soggy, trying to get it not too crunchy, not too soggy but just right, to determine the best cereal to eat while watching your favorite cartoons


cerealogy; the science of e-juice breakfast vaping, meant to help you take the best parts of the morning with you, make everyday a Sunday morning by waking up to an amazing homemade breakfast with no spoon needed






Example use

Hey bro how bout skippin skoo and having some breakfast of champs!!??

Ya, ‘cerealogy’!! My favorite subject! Where to??

Where else but "Vaporized", Duncanville Texas, the best rocking  vap spot in town!!






Word came from

cereology; the science of crop circles, just changed the 'o' to 'a'

Image result for cereology cartoon






by truble