28 Feb 2017



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pryktonite n; a guy’s super power chick magnet weapon used to attract and detract women ; can be a woman’s, 'Achilles heel' against men

The power of pryktonite is a woman's greatest weakness, in spite of her overall strength against men, which can lead to her downfall.

pryk; a nice guy who gets called a prick by a prying, pushy, gold digging chick just because he won’t respond to her advances and game

A ‘pryk’ is not the derogatory jerk-wad,‘prick’, just a guy who minds his own business  

By using the power of pryktonite, or to be a, pryktonite can win over women like the power Superman has over them

'pryktonite' means; to exude extreme confidence , liking yourself, knowing where you are headed, with a clear goal in mind and then going after it, a 'pryk' is not an arrogant ego inflated jerk wad

Pryktonite power wards off women who are users as they woudnt even dare the thought of trying because the pryktonite power is too strong, the users sense it and so are quickly repelled. So the user will settle for the easier ‘nice guy’ target and then the miserable nice guys suffer later

Pryks aren’t necessarily bad people, they just get called pricks because they're the opposite of nice guys, as the saying goes, the bad boys get the girls, and the good girls  like the ‘pryks’





Example use

sexy girl at bar; hey how bout a drink?

Colin; Thanks but no thanks

friends questioning sexy girl; So what happened??

sexy girl; Never mind him, he's a prick

Ya and hes probably a gay child  molester too!!....

Word came from

kryptonite;is a material from the Superman fictional universe, specifically the ore form of a radioactive element (Pre-Crisis) or compound (Post-Crisi

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