28 Feb 2017

Mr Tup


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Mr Tup; (tup; tough + tonight + up) a man who can be ‘tough and up, all night’

Mr Tup; a man always with ‘a leg up’; a ram tough hammer head ready for anything 

Mr Tup; a sexually powerful ‘man ram’  

Mr Tup; a tough up all night head butting tweeter




tup etymology

Middle English: of unknown origin. "male sheep," c. 1300, Scottish and Northern English; of unknown origin. As a verb, "to copulate," 1540s.

tup; to butt: said of a ram.

tup;The head of a hammer, and particularly of a steam-driven hammer.

tup; (of a ram) copulate with (a ewe)

tup; British slang(of a man) to have sexual intercourse with a woman


tup; tuple, leg














Example use

 hey babe, why am i the one, over all the other guys u could have?

Because you're my Mr tup, you trumped em all because you can go the distance, all night, you're too strong to be wrong...ooh and u want more, enuffs enuff, Mr tup!!

I gotta Tuppen you up!!!






Word came from

Trump; The most hard working up all night, 'tupest' President ever

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by truble