26 Feb 2017




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awinr n(a winner); Not just 'a winner', but an exemplary ‘inner winner’,  awinr in another class

The most ‘unique’ awe inspiring, well liked kind of self made winner, in business, family, and in all aspects of life

‘awinr’; aka, ‘inner winner’, is a master of psychological tactics in business and life using the most powerful performing enhancer of all, his ‘inner winning mind’; with supreme levels of confidence, commitment and self discipline and an innate ability to put himself into any state of mind desired within seconds, can maintain concentration and focus coping with stress and tention, all while being able to relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

But what makes awinr most unique is his love for family, he never forgets his friends and where he came from, has empathy for those less fortunate, and is constanty, mentally aware of his surroundings as ‘awinr’ always sees it coming.













Example use

Man that guy is really successful, and he's such a great guy too! how does he do it!!?

He's a 'awinr', no one quite like him"









Word came from

Irwan; an Indonesian name so unique there is no known etymology other than 'Irwin' which means 'friend'

Irwan; In the United States, Urban Dictionary slang, describes Irwan as the sweetest most patient guy on earth ;) But becareful because AWINR is also an acronym for, "Women In Nude Recreation" or "Woman!! I Need Recreation!! ..

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